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adb version

adb devices

查看所有应用列表:adb shell pm list packages
查看系统应用列表:adb shell pm list packages -s

#, …
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Deploy model in production

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Install wsgi using code

git clone

apt-get install apache2-dev

apt-get install python-dev

cd mod_wsgi/



make install

Install wsgi using pip

apt-get install libapache2-mod-wsgi-py3 instead of libapache2-mod-wsgi for python3

mod_wsgi install

Load wsgi module in Ubuntu

How do I use a …

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Auto-generated subtitles for any video

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Autosub is a utility for automatic speech recognition and subtitle generation. It takes a video or an audio file as input, performs voice activity detection to find speech regions, makes parallel requests to Google Web Speech API to generate transcriptions for those regions, (optionally) translates them to a different …

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