引子:一些机器学习算法(如线性回归)创建的模型需要拟合所有的样本数据。 问题: 1:数据特征众多且其间关系繁杂而密切 …

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Information Theory

Information Theory


  • 信息\(X\)即信源\(X\):表示一段信息,如文本、语音等等。
  • 信源的不确定性:信源发出的消息不确定性越大,收信者获取 …
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Hexo blog sync and migration

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.deploy_git which same as public/:hexo g -d ---> static files: deploy github env files: local

Deploy env files to github

The env files is deployed to github …

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Date Tags Vim

Install vim

apt install libncurses5-dev
git clone
cd vim

# YouCompleteMe unavailable: requires Vim compiled with Python (3.6.0+) support.
./configure --enable-pythoninterp=yes --enable-cscope --enable-fontset --with-python3-config-dir=/opt/conda/envs/blog/lib/python3.8/config-3.8-x86 …
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可视化Learn Git Branching

1. 仓库管理

Create Repository

$ mkdir myrepo

$ cd myrepo

$ git init

Initialized empty Git repository in /Users/jerrylsu/myrepo/.git/

Add File to Local Repository

$ git status

$ git diff filename

Check working directory status, and view changes made to the filemname.

$ git …

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Keeping a fork synced with the origin repo

Date Tags Git
1. fork upstream_repo_url
2. git clone origin_repo_url
3. git remote add upstream upstream_url
4. git remote -v
5. git pull upstream dev
   - git fetch upstream
   - git checkout dev
   - git merge upstream/dev
6. git checkout -b dev_01
   (modify code...)
7. git push …
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